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Monday, 21 September 2020 12:49

Soekarno and Several Assassination Attempts He Has Ever Experienced

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“I want to take one concrete example. While serving as the first President of the Republic of Indonesia Bung Karno was the target of several assassination plans in the past. From the level of planning to execution in the field 23 times, ”said Megawati Soekarno Putri about the plot to kill her father. The following will discuss several plans for an assassination attempt targeted at Bung Karno.

an assassination plan for President Soekarno

Grenade Explosion in Cikini

At that incident, Bung Karno attended the bazaar commemorating the Cikini College Foundation's anniversary's located on 30 November 1957 in Cikini. Where Bung Karno's two children, Megawati and Guntur, were students at the Cikini College Foundation Elementary School. Bung Karno had a chance to look around for about 25 minutes, and when he came home but, unexpectedly there was an explosion, and it turned out to be an explosion that came from a grenade that was throwing from around the foundation. The perpetrators were Mohammad Tasin bin Abu Bakr, Saadon bin Mohammad, Yusuf Ismail, and Tasrif bin Husein, who was eventually arrested and immediately confronted a military court. On 28 April 1958, the perpetrators of the murder plot sentenced to death.

Attack of the MiG-17 at the Istana Merdeka

The incident of this attack occurred on March 9, 1960, suddenly a MiG-17 aircraft immediately dived, and with low flying, with this position opened fire on the Istana Merdeka. Luck was on the part of Ir. Soekarno because he was not there. The Pilot of the plane was Lieutenant Daniel Maukar, who finally landed his plane's in the arrowroot rice field because it ran out of fuel. The plan was for him to be a judge to death. However, before serving his sentence, Bung Karno announced an amnesty or lightening of punishment to Lieutenant Daniel Maukar who was a member of PRRI / Permesta, although a member of the rebellion as President, Bung Karno still forgave the Pilot because he had previously helped Indonesia to maintain independence.

Shooting on Eid al-Adha

On May 14, 1962, when the Indonesian people, including Bung Karno, were lined up in rows about to carry out the Eid Al-Adha prayer by taking their place on the grass field between the Merdeka Palace and the State Palace, suddenly there were repeated gunshots aimed at Bung Karno. When examined, the shooter admitted that he saw two Bung Karno aiming at him and became confused about which one he was about to shoot. His shot missed from Bung Karno instead of grazing the shoulders of DPR Speaker Zainul Arifin from NU man was leading the prayer. The person was a judge to death, but when presented to Bung Karno to sign a signature for execution, Bung Karno did not have the heart to stretch the paths to his death because he thought that the real killers were educated fanatics who planned the act. The perpetrator is only a martyr who is be using for their political interests, people who are eyeing power.

Grenade Blazing in Makassar

On January 8, 1962, Bung Karno was thrown by a grenade at night on Jalan Cenderawasih while on his way to the Mattoangin Sports Hall at a speech reading about TRIKOMANDO to liberate West Irian. The grenade missed and fell on another car along with Bung Karno's car, hit by an explosion included three victims died, and 31 people were slightly injured and seriously injured.

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