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Devoted Santri for the Country - Happy Santri Day 2020

devotion santri for this country happy santri day 2020

The commemoration of National Santri Day is very lively celebrated in various places in Indonesia. Since 2015, October 22 is officially celebrated as a santri day. The decision was made through Presidential Decree Number 22 of 2015. The decision was signed by President Jokowi on 15 October 2015. The legal basis for the Kepres Hari Santri is Article 4 paragraph (1) of the 1945 Constitution of the Indonesian State. This is an appreciation from the Government of Indonesia for devoted santri for the country.

Inauguration of The New Building from Madrasah Aliyah Al AHROM

inauguration of the new building


MA AL AHROM -- Construction of the new building is currently being carried out by Madrasah Aliyah AL AHROM to improve representative teaching. Alhamdulillah coincides with this Saturday the new building that will be used as the madrasah headmaster room with the Administrative Staff was completed last week and ready to be inaugurated.

Learn From Home, Cooperation between MA AL Ahrom with Telkomsel

learn from home cooperation MA AL Ahrom In cooperation with Telkomsel

MA AL AHROM, Demak. Learn From Home is a government appeal that must be made by the People of Indonesia, especially, because of the outbreak of Covid-19. Among those affected are madrassas "closed" so that GTK (Teachers and Education Workers) and many students are 'temporarily housed'.

Health Socialization in MA AL AHROM By Public Health Center

Health Socialization in MA AL AHROM

MAS AL AHROM, Demak -- Karangsari District Demak Public Health Center Team held a corona virus prevention socialization in Madrasah Aliyah AL AHROM, Wednesday, September 9, 2020. Socialization is carried out after a morning class that adjusts the health protocols adaptation of new habits.

MA AL Ahrom Karangsari

Madrasah yang berdiri sejak tahun 2009, terletak di jalan Nangka No. 45 Karangsari, Karangtengah, Demak. Protection Status

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