Use of EggShells as A Craft Material for Friendly Environment

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A. Early Research

Many Indonesians have a profession as poultry farmers, both rural and urban. One of the livestock resources in Indonesia that has economic value is egg resources. The eggshell is a protective crust so that the animals inside can breathe.

The use of eggshell wasted in Indonesia is one of them as decoration or handicraft. Eggshells used as crafts have a fairly high artistic value and selling value, with an attractive look, consumers will be interested in buying the goods. As an effort to reduce the wasted of eggshells on this earth.

Eggs are one of the food ingredients that is familiar with indonesian society. Eggs as a source of protein have many advantages among others, the most complete amino acid content compared to other foods such as fish, meat, chicken, toy, tempeh, and others. Eggs also work in a wide variety of food processing.

Eggs that have been processed into groceries, shells or eggshells are certainly no longer used. People generally dispose of the shell wasted without utilizing it first. Whereas eggshells can be processed into crafts that say make money. Eggshells can also be used as organic fertilizer. According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (2009), in the United States there are approximately 190,000 tons of wasted eggshells which of this amount, about 120,000 tons are produced and the food processing industry and about 70,000 tons are produced from egg hatching.

In Indonesia itself directorate general of livestock (2009), egg production in Central Java and Indonesia in 2009 amounted to 140,459 tons and 1,013,543 tons, respectively. The amount of wasted of eggshells is the idea of utilizing into a useful one by utilizing chicken eggs into handicrafts that have a very high selling value. To reduce eggshell wasted that becomes pollution for the environment. This can cause very dangerous diseases for people in Indonesia.

Over time the number of eggshell disposals will increase. Lately, there are often problems related to increased waste production. However, it was not offset by the countermeasures. So it can produce something that can be utilized again.

Based on the description above I am interested in choosing the title "Utilization of Chicken Eggshell Waste as An Environmentally Friendly Craft Material”.

B. Formulation of the Problem

Based on the background of the above problem I decided that I formulated the problem based on the background outlined above, the eradication of the term is as follows:

  • Whether eggshell waste can be a processed product that can make money ?
  • Whether eggshell decoration can be an interesting art value ?
  • Is eggshell waste harmful to society ?

C. Research Purposes

The purpose of this scientific paper is to :

  • The use of eggshell waste can be used as a processed product that can be used as a craft and can make money,
  • The decoration of eggshell waste can be a classy and interesting work of art around the world,
  • Knowing that eggshell waste is harmful to public health.

D. Benefits of Research

  • I hope this scientific paper can benefit readers and for the public that eggshells can be a craft,
  • Can reduce eggshell waste,
  • I hope that readers and people who do not have a job can do a trial to use eggshell waste as a processed and craft that can make money.



A. The Foundation of Theory

1. Definition of Waste

Waste is impurities produced due to the disposal of waste or chemicals from factories. Waste is also a meaningless material.

2. The Definition of Eggshells

Eggshells are protective crusts so that unborn animals can breathe and also to protect embryos from the outside environment. The eggshell is composed of a three-layer structure, namely the Cuticle Layer, the Sponge Layer (foam), and the Lamellar Layer.

  • The cuticle layer is a transparent protein that coats the surface of the eggshell. This layer coats the pores on the eggshell, but its properties can still be passed by gas so that the exit of water vapor and CO2 gas can still occur.
  • The sponge layer (foam) layer that forms the matrix is composed of protein fibers bound to calcium carbonate crystals (CaCO3) or also called calcutite. This foam layer is the largest part of the eggshell layer, it is very thin and consists of a wean.
  • The lamellar layer is the third layer of the eggshell, it is very thin and consists of protein and mineral weans. Beneath the lamellar layer is a membrane layer that is the deepest part of the eggshell layer.


B Description of Data

1. Eggshells Can Be Processed Products That Can Make Money

Eggshells can be processed products that can make money. Eggshells that we usually throw away, can be formed into a form of craft of high economic value for example, paintings of eggshells or vice versa eggs painted beautiful. Various intricate motifs such as animals, famous figures to temples, deliberately shaded to add beauty value and very high selling value of this craft product.

In order to make money, eggshells must go through several processes, in order to become a craft that has a high selling price. In addition to having a manufacturing process, eggshell selection is also important so that the shell used later can be strong and durable.

2. Eggshell Decoration Can Be an Interesting Art Value

Eggshell decoration can be an interesting decoration, one of which is a wall decoration.

a. Tools and Materials

To make wall decorations you have to prepare some of the materials below:

  • Eggshell
  • White glue
  • Photo frames
  • Markers
  • Brush
  • Pencil
  • Paper hvs
  • Acrylic paint
  • Carbon paper
  • Paint palette

b. How to make

  • Prepare tools and materials,
  • Make the picture you want on the hvs paper,
  • Trace the image you have been drawing on hvs frame photo paper using carbon paper,
  • Thicken the image on the photo frame using markers,
  • Attach the eggshell using white glue on the image,
  • Color the image covered by the eggshell using acrylic paint,
  • Stir-fry until dry,
  • The decoration of the eggshell can already beautify your walls.

3. Eggshell Waste Harmful to Public Health

Eggshell waste can have adverse impacts on society and the environment. The reason are:

  • Air pollution, eggshells contain the remains of its contents that have an unpleasant smell.
  • Water pollution, in case of rain and eggshells carried by water. Means water is contaminated with the remains of the egg contents that are still attached to its skin.
  • It can be a hive of disease, there are some bacteria that are happy and can live inside the eggshell. So the impact must be very disturbing for human life.

4. Types of Eggshells

a. Kampung Chicken Eggs

Characteristics :

  • Oval shape, smaller size
  • The color is slightly brownish white
  • The color of the yolk is more concentrated
  • The yolk is usually used by jamu

b. Chicken Eggs Free-Range

Characteristics :

  • Oval shape
  • The color is brownish yellow
  • Many served as side dishes

c. Quail Eggs

Characteristics :

  • Small size
  • The color is patches of brownish black
  • Thin crust skin

d. Duck Eggs

Characteristics :

  • The skin is bluish green
  • Thicker skin

e. Goose Eggs

Characteristics :

  • The shape is oval and large
  • The skin color is the same as the eggs of the village chickens
  • Hard to come by


5. Understanding Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally friendly is not to damage the beautiful environment, but rather to preserve and preserve the environment in which mankind lives. The threat of global warming is one of the consequences of human stubborn y'all. Although global warming has become an international issue, the destruction of the environment, especially in Indonesia, continues.

  • The eco-friendly attitude taught by Islam to people can be detailed as follows :In order for people to be active actors in processing the environment and preserving it.
  • So that man does not do damage to the environment.
  • So that people always get used to being friendly to the environment

6. The Meaning of Decoration

Ornaments are items that can be used to decorate something. Ornaments are also one of the forms of crafts that many people are interested in. In most countries, eggs are given a plain color with dyes from herbs. The Slavs made special patterns with gold and silver.

7. Art Value

The value of art resulting from the making of eggshell ornaments is beautiful for the eye to look at. Its diverse shapes and colors can attract the attention of the public especially among children and adults. Creativity and precision in the making can attract collectors.


C. Data Analysis

Eggshells are often discarded and ignored by most communities. Whereas if we can creative eggshells can be a very wide business opportunity and make a lot of money.

Eggs are one of the food ingredients that are used by many people, especially in Indonesia. Eggs have the most complete source of protein compared to other foods such as fish, meat, chicken. The content in the eggshell consists of 94% calcium carbonate, 1% potassium phospat, and 1% magnesium carbonate.

In modern times as today it may be that eggshell waste is usually used as a medicinal material that is beneficial to humans. But eggshells can also be useful if we can be creative and make the waste material of eggshells into craft materials that have a high value. The majority of the rural population is unemployed and processing eggshells into crafts is one effective way to make money and bring Indonesia to prominence around the world.



A. Conclusion

It can be concluded that eggshell waste has considerable benefits when used and utilized into objects that have a very beautiful value. Although it comes from waste from the kitchen, especially kost children who like to have breakfast with eggs and shell waste it is discarded and into garbage, it turns out that waste shell garbage is widely utilized. Once I practiced it and the manufacturing process was quite simple and easy. In addition, this eggshell decoration can be a new commodity and quite attractive to consumers, considering that we are happy with the variety of unique decorations.

And all I can deduce is that the right selection of eggshells is to use the eggshells of ducks or ducks. Because duck or duck eggs are thicker than other eggs and will automatically last longer when used as craft materials.

B Criticism and Advice

It is recommended that the garbage that exists in the kitchen, especially eggshell waste, can be utilized and not disposed of in the trash or into the river. There needs to be an approach with the local community so that egg waste can be used as decoration and has a very interesting value to promote in the International world market.



Utilization of EggShells as A Craft Material for Friendly Environment

Utilization of EggShells as A Craft Material for Friendly Environment

use of eggshell


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