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Basics Sewing Techniques with Hand or Machine - Finish

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Basic techniques for sewing using hands or machines

Any job if we already know the basic techniques, then everything will seem easy. Likewise with sewing. To be able to sew properly, we need to know the basics first, so that sewing becomes a fun job, especially for those who are just starting to learn to sew.

Basic sewing techniques that need to be studied, including the following:

1. Basics Sewing Techniques using Hands

Basics techniques for sewing using hands or machines

  • To start sewing by hand, we first prepare the materials and equipment.
  • To start sewing by hand, first insert the yarn into the needle. Cut it as necessary. Do not take too long, because the yarn will be easily tangled. Pull one side of the thread to make it longer than the other and then we prepare the material and equipment.
  • Create a vertex on the side of the long thread. Knots do not need to be large, which is important enough to hold the yarn from escaping when pierced on the fabric.
  • Needle stitching from the bottom of the fabric. Start making stitches as needed. If it's your first time sewing, try making a simple stitch first.
  • To end the sewing, create a stitch knot on the back of the fabric. Knot stitches can be repeated up to twice.
  • Cut the yarn, but don't get too edge.
  • If you are skilled at sewing, you can try sewing your own clothes.

Basics techniques for sewing using hands or machines

That's the basic technique of sewing clothes by hand. And most importantly, sewing the hands must be done diligently and neatly in order for the results to be good.

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2. Basic Sewing Techniques with Sewing Machine

Basics techniques for sewing using hands or machines

The sewing machine makes sewing work feel faster. But not everyone can operate a sewing machine. For basic techniques in the operation of sewing machines are as follows:

a. Learning to Use a Sewing Machine

  • To learn to power a sewing machine, first the sewing machine boat and the needle were removed.
  • This aims to prevent the needle from breaking easily.
  • Position both feet parallel on the footing.
  • Right hand holding the wheel of the machine, and start turning slowly towards our body.
  • When the engine wheel has turned, the two feet are moved according to the footing. Let it move properly.
  • Push the engine slowly back and forth. The position of the hand on the engine wheel is released.
  • Keep doing this until the movement of the legs and the engine wheel rotation is regular so that it does not go back and forth.
  • When you are fluent in using a sewing machine, start practicing using a needle.

b. Start Learning to Sew

  • Attach the needle to the needle place.
  • Prepare the paper. To start learning to sew with a machine, do not use yarn first.
  • Make a straight seam on the paper, then start sewing the swerwered or forming an angle. Repeat until smooth.
  • When it's smooth, start attaching the thread to the needle, and put the sewing machine lifeboat containing the pallet in place.
  • Prepare pieces of cloth. Practice sewing just like in the paper. First sew straight, then sew a turn or form an angle.
  • If you have mastered sewing with sewing machines, learn to make various skills, such as tablecloths, combs, or pillowcases.

Basics techniques for sewing using hands or machines

Here are also sewing learning tips for beginners, the tips are:

  • If you want to learn to sew, buy fabric per kilogram which is cheap. Or use unused cloth to save budget.
  • Make a clothing model with a simple pattern first. Ask the family to be the model.
  • When finished, ask the opinion of the person who is our model. Are our stitches comfortable to wear or not.
  • Keep learning by observing professional tailors. If necessary we sew clothes on him. Observe how the sewing technique and the stitch results.

Don't give up easily with just one result. Repeat until proficient. Hopefully this is useful and thank you for reading :)

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