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Basic Training Basketball Games - Knowing and Focusing on Fundamental Drills

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The basketball game is a game played by two (2) teams each of five (5) players. The goal of each team is to scoring the numbers into the opponent's ring and try to prevent the opposing team from scoring numbers. Attempts to score a number by inserting the ball into an opponent's basket in accordance with the rules of the bolabasket game. To facilitate the effort must be supported by several factors: physical factors, techniques, tactics, and also mental.The basket ball game has some basic techniques that can help the player to reach the goal of the basketball game. But a very important technique is shooting technique, because just by doing a shot, the basketball team can score and win the game. Shooting is the most important skill in basketball. The fundamental skills of passing, dribbling, defense, and rebound may enable you to get high percentage of shot, but you must still be able to make the shot. The basketball shooting ability must be mastered by every player because every player has a chance to score and can provide high satisfaction for players who can insert the ball into a basketball basket. Shooting ability should be done well and right from the start, if not done incorrectly it will be difficult for players and coaches to fix it so that the shots are ineffective and efficient. Specific training basketball also can teach you offensive and defensive principles. Practicing these basketball training regularly can enhance your performance and may help you on the basketball game.

These are complete basic training on basketball games, can explain as follows:

  1. Drible's Technique

Dribble in basketball is how to carrying or dribbling by bouncing the ball off the floor. The ball is reflected by the palm of the hand pushing the ball to the floor instead of hitting the ball. Weak arms and fingers don't need to be stiff.

Types of dribble in basketball games :

  • Change of pace dribble

Basic Training of Basketball Games

This dribble is most common in basketball and is used to make the defender think that the dribbler will slow down or speed up the tempo of the dribble.

  • Low of control dribble

Basic Training of Basketball Games

This dribble is doing every time the player is closely guarded. This type of dribble is very simple in keeping the ball low and in control. The ball is dribbled at the side of the body, away from the defender. Try to keep the palms of the hands dribbling on the ball.

  • High of speed dribble

Basic Training of Basketball Games high of speed dribble

When a player is in an open field and has to move as fast as possible with the ball, he will use this dribble. When running as fast as possible, the player will push the ball in front of him and let it bounce upward at the hip level. The dribbling hand is not on the ball but behind the ball.

  • Crossover dribble

Basic Training of Basketball Games crossover dribble

Crossover dribble is to carry the ball by moving the ball from one hand to the other hand. This move is great for tricking defenders. However, the ball still can be stolen if this technique is not finished good enough because the ball is not guarded by the player.

  • Behind the back dribble

Basic Training of Basketball Games behind the back dribble

This type of dribble is used when a player changes direction to get rid of the defender. The ball is moved from one side of the body to the other by swinging it behind the body.

  • Between the legs dribble

Basic Training of Basketball Games between the legs dribble

This dribble is a quick way to move the ball from one hand to the other over between your legs. Used when the dribbler is tightly guarded or wants to change direction.

  • Reverse dribble

Basic Training of Basketball Games reverse dribble

This dribble is also known as a spin dribble or dribble roller. This dribble is done by the player to change direction and bounce the ball from one hand to the other when held tight. This dribble must be done by the player quickly as the dribbler pushes the ball to the floor and rotates around the defender.

  1. Basic Passing (Throwing Technique)
  • Chest Pass is a pass that starts from the front of the chest, directed straight in front of a friend's chest this done by the player if the passing space is open without the opponent's barrier.

Basic Training of Basketball Games chest passing


  • Bounce Pass is a passing made by a basketball player by bouncing the ball onto the floor before being catch by a friendly team, this is done by the player when an opponent is facing in front.

Basic Training of Basketball Games bounce passing


  • Overhead Pass is a passing made from above the head, the direction of the ball bouncing high above the opponent's head, and usually, this passing performed by a long throw.

Basic Training of Basketball Games overhand passing


  • The Baseball Pass is a straight pass from the side of the body as a baseball throw, it is a pass made with one hand and strong force.

Basic Training of Basketball Games baseball passing


  • Under Pass is a pass made from below (the waist), the ball is straight towards the friend and done at close range.

Basic Training of Basketball Games under passing


  • The Hook Pass is a one-handed hook pass that starts at waist level and then moves like a hook or curves upwards.

Basic Training of Basketball Games hook passing


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    1. Shooting

    Shooting in basketball is an attempt to get the ball into the opponent's ring. The following is about the types and ways of shooting the basketball game:

    • Set-shoot - Set-shots are rare in casual play. Because if the shooter doesn't jump, the shot is easily blocked. Generally, this shot taken during free throws or when possible to shoot without obstacles.

    Basic Training of Basketball Games set shot


    • Lay-up shoot - Lay-Up is a shot that must learn in the game of basketball. In competitive situations, this type of shot must be able to be taken by the player using either the right or the left hand. Lay-up did at the end of the dribble. A few steps away from the ring, the player simultaneously raises his hands and knees as he jumps into the basket.

    Basic Training of Basketball Games lay up shot


    • Underhand shoot - This shot is a type of lay-up shot where the shooter jumps towards the basket, raising his hand to get the ball out of reach of the defender.

    Basic Training of Basketball Games underhand free shot

    • Jump shoot - This shoot usually was taken when the attacking player cannot get close to the basket. This shot is very difficult to block because it is done by the player at the highest point of the shooter's vertical jump.

    Basic Training of Basketball Games jump shoot basketball


    • Hook shoot - The Hookshot is a casual but accurate shot and is a great low-post shot. If done correctly, this shot is very difficult to block, because the shooter's hand is far from the reach of the defender. This shot always starts with the player with his back to the basket.

    Basic Training Basketball Games

    • Dunking - The dunk shot used to be considered a special attraction by players with tall stature. Dunk shots are excellent shots and can inflame your team spirit and knock your opponent's mentality down quickly. Dunking can be done with two or one hands from the front or back. This shot can only be taken by players who have a high posture or jump.

    Basic Training of Basketball Games


    1. Pivot

    Pivot is a rotating movement with the pivot of one foot, both hands holding the ball to avoid an opponent's attack that will grab the ball. Pivot can be done in two ways, namely a rotating motion towards the front and a rotating motion towards the back.

    Basic Training of Basketball Games

    Several ways of pivot techniques:

    Rotating the body with one leg into the axis of the rotation (after we receive the ball).

    • pivot then dribble (bring the ball)
    • pivot then passing (throwing the ball)
    • pivot then shooting (shooting the ball)
    1. Rebound

    Rebound is a jumping motion to tattoo or catches the ball that bounces off the ring board. Rebound is done by jumping as high as possible in front of the bouncing board and catching and putting the ball back into the basketball hoop. Can be seen in the example below:

    Basic Training of Basketball Games


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