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Basics Equipment of Basketball Training Requirements

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Basketball is a group ball sport consisting of two teams of five people each who compete to score points by putting the ball in the opponent's basket. Basketball is very suitable to watch because it is usually played in a closed sports room and only requires a relatively small field. In addition, basketball is easy to learn because of its large shape, so it doesn't make it difficult for players to bounce or throw the ball.

  1. Field

The size of the basketball court is as follows :

Field length 28 meter
Field width 15 meter
Radius of the circle 1,80 meter
Circle the three-point shooting area 6,25 meter
Free-shooting line to the back line 5,80 meter

rancangan lapangan basket

Indoor Basketball Ground

lapangan indoor olahraga basket

Outdoor Basketball Ground

lapangan outdoor basket

  1. Ring

The basket consists of rings and nets. Rings are made of hard iron, while mesh is a sharp rope that is generally made of nylon.

Middle line of the ring 0,45 meter
Ring height from the ground 3,5 meter
Net length
0,45 meter

Basketball Ring Example

contoh ring basket 1

contoh ring basket 2.png

  1. Bounce Board

The bounce board usually made from hard Iron Holo or wood placed behind the ring to bounce the ball if it does not get into the basket or to put the ball in the basket with specific techniques (bounce technique).

The size of the bounce board is as follows :

Board thickness 0,003 meter
Board length 1,20 meter
Board width 0,90 meter
Floorboard height 2,75 meter
Distance from behind the basket 0,15 meter

Basketball Ring Example

ring olahraga bola basket

Basketball Bounce Board Example

papan pantul olahraga basket

  1. Ball

The ball is made from rubber-coated a type of leather. The ball should be pumped until tight so that if reflected the floor from a height of 180 cm it is able to soar to a height of 120-140 cm, with the following size :

  • Circle circumference : 75-78 cm
  • Weight : 600-650 gram
  1. Technical Equipment
  • For timing, at least two stopwatches are required, one for the timer and one for the time out.
  • Tool for measuring 30 seconds.
  • Paper score (Scoring Book) to record/record matches.
  • Signs - scoring board, individual error marks, namely numbers 1 to 5, and two red flags for team errors.

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