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Several Rules in Basketball Game

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In basketball games, the rules in basketball games are as follows :

  • Players consist of two teams with 5 members each and are led by the referee.
  • Basketball game time is 4 quarters with 10 minutes each and 10 minutes of rest time.
  • The ball must be held between the palms or inside both palms. So, arms or other limbs are not allowed to hold the ball. But if the ball just hits the other part of the body then it will be considered okay.
  • Players are not allowed to run while carrying the ball with both palms. Players are allowed to carry the ball by bouncing the ball on the floor with one hand.
  • Players can fend off and throw the ball in any direction while still in one area of the field. but the tanked ball should not be hit using a fist (punching).
  • Players are not allowed to smother, restrain, push, hit, or punch opposing players for any reason. The first violation of this rule will count as an error, the second violation will be penalized in the form of disqualification of the offender until his team's basket can be entered by the opposing ball.
  • If one side commits three consecutive mistakes, it will count as a goal for the opponent (consecutively here means no counter-infringement by the opponent).
  • If a player commits an offense with the intention of injuring an opponent, then the infringing player will be penalized for not playing throughout the match, and substitutions are not allowed.
  • A goal occurs when a ball is thrown or thrown from the field enters the opposing side's ring, in which case the player who guards the basket does not touch or interfere with the goal. If the ball stops on the edge of the basket or the opposing player move the basket, it will not count as a goal.
  • If the ball is off the field of play then the ball will be thrown back inside and played by the first player to touch it.
  • In the event of a disagreement about the ownership of the ball, it is the referee who will throw it into the field. The pitcher is given 5 seconds to throw the ball in his grasp. If it holds longer than 5 seconds, then the ball will move to the opposing side.
  • If either side does something that can delay the match, then the referee can give them a foul warning.
  • Referees have the right to pay attention to the players' play and record the number of fouls and notify the auxiliary referee in the event of consecutive violations.
  • Referees have the full right to disqualify players who commit violations in accordance with those set out in rule 5.
  • The auxiliary referee pays attention to the ball and takes decisions when the ball is deemed to have been off the field, the change of possession of the ball, and the timing. The auxiliary referee has the right to determine whether a goal is valid and calculate the number of goals that occur.
  • Goals from free throws will be counted as 1 number, Field goals: 2 points, and Goals from outside the three-point line: 3 points
  • The Team that is declared the winner is the team that got the most points

Those are some of the rules in the basketball game. Hopefully, you can understand it and be ready to move on to the real match....

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