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Indonesia and America – When Ir.Soekarno made the United States Government Headache

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"Bung Karno was furious. Ike tried to seduce him. "Please free my pilot," said Ike. But Bung Karno was still angry. Maybe it was because it was Ike who persuades Sukarno, an old politician no a beautiful woman. Uh ... wait, who is Ike? Ike is the nickname of Dwight D. Eisenhower, the U.S president at that time. It is true, this time the United States government did hit the rock and got a headache by our First Indonesia President, Ir.Soekarno."

ketika amerika tunduk kepada indonesia

This powerful country was embarrassed by Indonesia when its pilot, Allen Pope, was shot down on Morotai Island. More embarrassingly, because with the pilot's arrest, the guise of the US and CIA finally opened up. The guise that proves the US through the CIA has been the mastermind behind the separatist rebellion in Indonesia. This also includes the US infiltration arming the rebels. This was what made Bung Karno furious and started playing his trump card. Bung Karno, who was previously bullied by America, is now working back on America. Bung Karno realized that the arrest of Allen Pope had boosted Indonesia's bargaining position against America. The next story is how America Government got into trouble because of it.

This is a historic moment when the Indonesian Nation for the first time had a high bargaining position in the face of the powerful United State of America. Bung Karno did not just demand that America apologize. But there are still a series of other requests that make America "can't do anything". Eisenhower asked Indonesia to release pilot Allen Pope. But Bung Karno didn't want to just let it go for free. The pilot is the ultimate card. This is the story of how Bung Karno angrily “grabbed Allen Pope's neck” while his pointer finger motioned for America to “surrender” at Bung Karno's feet. “Hang Allen Pope! Allen Pope death penalty! ”. That is what the demonstrators said in front of the US embassy in Jakarta after Allen Pope was caught. at 1958. The Indonesian people were indeed angry because of Allen Pope's behavior. It turned out that this pilot had dropped a bomb in the Ambon area which claimed many lives.

persidangan allen pope di jakarta

In the situations of this raging country, Mas Tok friends kept asking questions about the pilot Allen Pope. Mas Tok is the name for Bung Karno's son whose full name is Guntur Sukarno Putra. Bung Karno's conversation with his eldest son in connection with this incident has been revealed a lot from various sources. But there is another story that is rarely discussed behind the conversation between Bung Karno and Mas Tok (Guntur Sukarno Putra). Bung Karno was taking a shower. Mas Tok, who was still a teenager, approached the bathroom door and did not hesitate to bang on it. Impatient. Because the door was constantly banging on, Bung Karno looked at the moment and said. "What's the matter, Mas Tok? I haven't finished this bath yet. " As soon as the door opened, Mas Tok immediately asked his father about, "Is it true that father exchanged the release of Allen Pope for the price of a Hercules plane?". Mas Tok, with a face full of curiosity, can't wait to know the answer. Because previously, among his friends, they had already mentioned the truth of the news. Mas Tok became even more excited. Because of that, as Bung Karno's son, he should have known better than his friends. Mas Tok, who was curious, will not have to wait a long time for his father's answer. Mas Tok's question was answered immediately with laughter and his father's typical jokes. “Hahahahaha! Let America give Hercules to Indonesia. Later, if America sends another plane to infiltrate, I'll tell the army of Indonesia to shoot again. And for the compensation, I want to ask Ava Gardner and Marilyn Monroe this time ... Hahahaha ".

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That's Bung Karno's typical humor. The humor of a statesman is quirky. Bung Karno's way of joking with fellow politicians every day is not much different from joking with his children. Mas Tok and his younger siblings have memorized their father's customs. But, actually behind the joke, maybe even Bung Karno and Mas Tok themselves at that time had not realized anything. Namely, the aftermath of Indonesia's earlier bargaining position. Bung Karno had started a milestone in the birth of a new fleet for the Air Force, namely the born of the Hercules squadron in Indonesia. This fleet later played a role in liberate West Irian from the Dutch Colonial.

It all started with negotiations for the release of a pilot while made America inconvenient. How not to bother? The problem is that if not rescued as soon as possible, the pilot will likely open his mouth about secret information related to the CIA's tactics. Hmm, what strategy is being planned by the CIA to our country, Indonesia? It should be noticing that overthrow the power of Bung Karno was the only way for America to be fully and sturdy occupying in Indonesia. Some of the tactics were that the CIA often used Bung Karno's weaknesses in the yuan's donation to undermine the dignity of the Indonesian President in the eyes of its people. Various ways have been trying to get Bung Karno down, but they have not succeeded either. Even America has tried by threatening an embargo, so what did Bung Karno say at that time? Bung Karno shouted back to America, "Go to hell with your aid!". Our President Ir.Soekarno was very brave at that time.

Finally, the CIA (United States Federal Government Intelligence Service) used other means. The efforts made by this organization were infiltrating various rebellions in Indonesia. The peak event occurred during the battle on Morotai Island, 1958. At that time the TNI, included the Air Force, Army, and Marine Troops. attacked Permesta, a rebellion movement in North Sulawesi. At that time the TNI experienced difficulties because the weapons of the Permesta rebels could not be underestimated. Because the weapons that were found at that time were weapons manufactured in America. At first, the allegation that the CIA was behind all this was still conjecture. However, when the Navy Hunting Ship and the Air Force Mustang Aircraft launched their attacks, one Permesta plane caught fire and fell. Before it fell, two parachutes seemed out of the plane. The parachute stuck up on the coconut tree. The TNI immediately arrested the two rebels. The pilot of the plane was named Harry Rantung, a Permesta member unexpectedly, it turned out that the other pilot was an American. He's the pilot Allen Pope. From the documents that were seized, it was revealed that Allen Pope was linked to the CIA operation. He was assigned to infiltrate several Indonesian rebellion movements to overthrow Sukarno's power.

Ketika Soekarno membuat pusing Pemerintah Amerika Serikat

Inevitably, the accusation that America and the CIA were the masterminds of a separatist and rebellion, is not false! The incident of the capture of Allen Pope was a slap for America. That may be represented in Allen Pope's sentence when he was caught. After the B-26 he piloted crashed and was beaten by an AU mustang and a Navy hunting ship, Pope commented, "Usually my country wins, but this time you win." After that, he was asked for cigarettes. However, what embarrasses America is not the defeat that Pope said earlier. The arrest of Allen Pope reveals the US dirty play to overthrow Sukarno.

America continues to chuckle in denial. But the evidence has finally silenced America's mouth. That dirty tactic became international gossip. Without mercy, the guise of America and its CIA was successfully opened by Indonesia, complete with complete evidence. America's forcing to turn 180 degrees to be kind to Sukarno. All CIA operations to shake Bung Karno were (temporarily) stopped.

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America is desperately trying to get its pilots to be released. Everything began to finished win Bung Karno's heart. Eisenhower invited Sukarno to the US in June 1960. Then Sukarno was also invited by John Kennedy in April 1961. Behind all the diplomatic reasons for the visit, it cannot deny that all was the aftermath of the way Bung Karno played his cards against America. During that period, Bung Karno played tug-of-war with Pope's release. The negotiations were difficult. Because Bung Karno didn't just let Pope go. Bung Karno deliberately "grabbed the neck" of Allan Pope for a long time before America agreed to Indonesia's request, America was made helpless. There was no other way, negotiations began immediately. Hard negotiations that took 4 years, before finally Allen Pope was released.

bung karno saat menghadiri undangan diplomatik di as

Starting with Ike or Eisenhower persuading, seducing and inviting Bung Karno to America. But afterwards Bung Karno still refused to submit to Ike's rules. The situation began to soften a bit after the US presidency shifted to John F. Kennedy. John Kennedy knew that Sukarno's personality was very strong and hated being dictated to. Because of that, with friendship he was able to "embrace" Sukarno. "Kennedy is an American president who understands me," said Bung Karno. With John, negotiations began to shed some light. In this connection, John also sent his younger brother Robert Kennedy to Jakarta.

Robert carried out several missions, including: "liberating Pope". It is said that at that time America also sent Allen Pope's beautiful wife. The calculation is that beautiful women can win Bung Karno's heart. This was the origin of the issue circulating that Bung Karno was seduced by Allen Pope's wife. What many people don't mention is that Allen Pope's mother and sister also came begging with tears for Bung Karno's mercy. For Bung Karno, whether the pilot was released or not released, the result was the same, namely, not making the pilot's bomb victims alive again. So why not take advantage of America's fear of the pilot speaking up?

Bung Karno played his final card based on what the Indonesian people needed at that time. Indonesia is miserable and hungry. Indonesia needs money and food. Indonesia is fighting against the Dutch Colonial for liberate West Irian, it needs weapons, many war equipment and a combat fleet. Of course Bung Karno's request was not conveyed by begging. But in a way that drags America to provide aid by diplomatic channels. Like it or not, Sukarno's diplomatic gesture made America have to be able to read situations what was invisible.

bung karno dan john f kennedy

Compared to Ike a.k.a Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy was more sensitive to reading the gesture. That's what Bung Karno meant that John F. Kennedy understood himself. Kennedy didn't just invite Mr. Karno to America for a visit. However, there is also a real follow-up behind the invitation. John understood Indonesia needed a war device to liberate West Irian. Among them the combat fleet. That's how he invited Bung Karno to visit Lockheed's aircraft factory in Burbank, California. There Bung Karno assisted in the purchase of ten Hercules type B aircraft, consisting of eight cargo and two tankers.

Allen Pope liberation negotiations between Ike and Bung Karno were harsh but are now slippery in the way of John F. Kennedy. He did not respond to Bung Karno's "kindness" in fulfilling a U.S. request to free Allen Pope. Result? Hercules of America, was the forerunner of the born of the Hercules fleet for AURI (the fleet of the Air Force of the Republic of Indonesia who later fought to liberate West Irian). Bung Karno can make America stop the embargo and inject fresh funds into Indonesia. Also 37,000 tons of rice and hundreds of weaponry war devices. The needs were all following indonesia's conditions at the time. It turns out this is what high-level negotiations are called. Finally Allen Pope was secretly released by a secret mission one dawn in February 1962. The negotiations were entirely certainly costing little. Who should pay for all that? It is said that Permesta Rebellion account had to pay compensation as a result of the negotiations. It was heard that the Cawang-Tanjung Priok Highway and the old Indonesian Hotel at Bundaran HI Thamrin Jakarta, were the compensation fund. Is that true? Furthermore, there was never a discussion and explained about it.

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Bung Karno's affectionate relationship with America ended after Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. Kennedy's assassination gave the CIA a chance to realize an old dream that had stalled. A dream that continued to shake Bung Karno's chair, until the Son of the Dawn finally completely drowned. We all know how the episode end. The Gerakan 30 September or Indonesian Communist Party Rebellion was used as a tool to overthrow the First President of the Republic of Indonesia and became the end of Bung Karno's leadership at that time.

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