Devoted Santri for the Country - Happy Santri Day 2020

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devotion santri for this country happy santri day 2020

The commemoration of National Santri Day is very lively celebrated in various places in Indonesia. Since 2015, October 22 is officially celebrated as a santri day. The decision was made through Presidential Decree Number 22 of 2015. The decision was signed by President Jokowi on 15 October 2015. The legal basis for the Kepres Hari Santri is Article 4 paragraph (1) of the 1945 Constitution of the Indonesian State. This is an appreciation from the Government of Indonesia for devoted santri for the country.

There are several reasons why the day of the santri is commemorated, including the following:

  • First, scholars and santri contributed greatly to seizing and defending the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.
  • Second, remembering and imitating ulama and santri in defending, defending, and contributing to national development.
  • Third, as a reminder, on that date, the Ulama's jihad resolution was proclaimed as a form of resistance to Dutch military aggression.

Of course, this consideration is proof, that the devoted of santri for the country has long contributed to the State of Indonesia, as well as the footsteps of pesantren in educating the nation's children is very large in the History of the Indonesian Movement. According to Latif (2013) recorded until the first half of the 19th century traditional Islamic schools were able to act as the main educational institutions in the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia). The account from Steenbrink, in 1873 refers to the report of the Office of Inspection of Indigenous Education (founded J.A. van der Chijs) the number of boarding schools when it was about 20,000-25,000 with a santri of about 300,000.

Several Islamic boarding schools that were founded during this era still exist today. Pesantren Tremas in Pacitan (1823), Pesantren Jampes and Bendo in Kediri and Pelangitan in Babat (1855), Pesantren Teglasari in Semarang (1870), Pesantren Tebu Ireng in Jombang (1899), and Pesantren Gontor (1926). The Kiayi are important educators who direct and teach santri to love their country and fight against Indonesian resistance to liberate this country from the colonial government.The call for a hubbul wathon minal iman became a booster for the santri to fight for Indonesia's independence at that time.

The devoted of the santri for the country at this time cannot be separated from the role of the Kiayi or Ulama who educated them at the pesantren. The santri were born from Islamic Pondok Pesantren, educated by the best role educators of the prophet's heirs who put forward uswatun hasanah. They are galvanized through the higher discipline of Pondok Pesantren education. Prepared to be the best figure who can benefit according to the hadith of Rasulullah, khoirunnas anfauhum linnas--A better human being is the benefit of others. Therefore, the foundation of pesantren education is always oriented towards the benefit of the people and the goodness of the universe. Focusing on the self-tempering of the santri to become the best human beings who spread the love for others. So that the devotion of santri for this country will always be present among all people and all groups.

The number of santri recorded by the Ministry of Religion (2012) of 3,759,198 is a great asset for this nation. The amount was released in 2012. Such a large number will certainly contribute positively to this country if it gets optimal education in pesantren. Santri certainly have a very strategic role for the survival of this nation.

In pesantren, santri are exposed to various sciences for religious reinforcement as well as daily praxis knowledge. This condition can be one of the advantages of the Pesantren learning system. Pesantren learning focuses on mastery that is capable of religious issues from various references compiled by previous scholars. They are used to the various debates of various scholars. The condition makes santri from the beginning habituate with various ways of view that are certainly not monolithic.

Examples of Daily Schedules of santri In Pondok Pesantren Darussalam Gontor





04.00 – 05.30

• Wake up.

• Congregation's Dawn Prayer.

• Read the Qur'an.

• Addition of Arabic and English Vocabulary.


05.30 – 06.00

• Sports activity.

• Bathing.

• Language, Arts, skills courses etc.


06.00 – 06.45.

• Breakfast.

• Classroom Preparation


07.00 – 12.30.

• Morning Class Entry.


12.30 – 14.00.

• Exit the class.

• Dzuhur prayer of worshippers.

• Lunch.

• Preparing for Afternoon Class.


14.00 – 15.00

• Afternoon classes


15.00 – 15.45.

• Asr prayer in congregation.

• Read the Qur'an.


15.45 – 16.45.

• Free activities.



15.45 – 17.15

• Bathing and preparing to the mosque for magriban.



• Magrib prayer.

• Read the Qur'an.


18.30 – 19.30

• Dinner.


19.30 – 20.00

• Isya' prayer.


20.00 – 22.00

• Study nights together


22.00 – 04.00

• Rest And Sleep





After isya' conducted speech practice ( Muhadhoroh ) in English for grades I – IV, while the students of class V Held a discussion, and the grade VI students became advisers for speech training groups.



In the morning, after the dawn prayer. Arabic and English conversational exercises, then continued the mandatory morning run for all students.



The Last Two Hours of Morning Lessons, Used For Speech Exercises In Arabic. After lunch, scout training is held, and the evening after praying isya jama'ah is done speech practice in indonesian language.



The morning after dawn prayer, Arabic and English Conversation Exercises and followed by a mandatory morning run for students, after which the bhakti work is done cleaning the campus environment, after which the activities are free.

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In the Pesantren, the santri are also conditioned to get to know the community around them. Pesantren education is intended to bring students closer to the reality of society because they are prepared to serve the community after graduating regardless of their profession.

The jihad of the santri is getting heavier nowadays. Apart from being capable of mastery of Islam, it is also expected to have broad horizons in a variety of general scientific perspectives. Because they will be faced with solving problems in the community in which they live.

And now the challenge for students is certainly more difficult than in the past. They will struggle with societal, environmental, political, economic, and national issues that are more complicated than in the past. The modality that students get when forged in Pesantren means a lot to the reality of nationality now. Especially if strengthened by the capacity possessed in various areas of life.

In today's digital era, santri can fill discussion spaces in cyberspace with a variety of enlightening content. Social media these days has tended to be chaotic should be filled with a variety of content that is more productive. The opportunity for students to fill various discussion is very open.

The presence of online channels, for example, can be a very strategic space to proclaim the teachings of Islam that are rahmatan lil alamin (grace to the universe). Friendly Islam is not angry. Teachings and speech that calmed down did not create anger, it was embracing, not hitting. It is also proof of the struggle that the devoted santri to this country not only existed during the war for independence in the past but also fill the current excitement with a variety of more constructive studies in this digital age. Spaces that can use to spread love and benefit, not by hateful content.

Hopefully, in the future, pesantren education will give birth to more and more best cadres for this nation. Like their predecessors who have dedicated themselves to the nation as well as possible, as strong as possible, they are our fighters, devoted santri for the country of Indonesia.

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