Learn From Home, Cooperation between MA AL Ahrom with Telkomsel

learn from home cooperation MA AL Ahrom In cooperation with Telkomsel

MA AL AHROM, Demak. Learn From Home is a government appeal that must be made by the People of Indonesia, especially, because of the outbreak of Covid-19. Among those affected are madrassas "closed" so that GTK (Teachers and Education Workers) and many students are 'temporarily housed'.

Even now, the government has not been able to determine when the COVID-19 disaster emergency will end. To support madrasah students can still learn from home or apply new habit adaptations, Telkomsel contributes to the country in the field of education.

This form of cooperation is the support provided by Telkomsel for Madrasah Aliyah AL AHROM in terms of equalization of education. Madrasah Aliyah AL AHROM in cooperation with Telkomsel hopes that learning from home by providing free internet access to several digital learning platforms will be able to help students in accessing the sciences that are on the internet.

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Because in fact, the application of adaptation of new habits has not been able to fully run properly because it is still "closed" madrasah/school makes the process of teaching-learning activities, and madrasah/school activities in taste to be different from the usual days. And in the end, some educational institutions require learn from home.

"The need for online or online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic is enough to make it difficult for some parents to provide internet quotas for their children. We from Madrasah Aliyah AL AHROM understand the need. Therefore, as a form of support for the parents of our students, Madrasah collaborates with Telkomsel to facilitate students who follow the #LearnFromHome. We provide free quota that can be used to learn from home with online method, so they keep the spirit of learning even from home," explained the Deputy Head of Student Studies MA AL AHROM Ahmad Mubarok, S.Pd.

This free quota is increasingly complementing the Madrasah Aliyah AL AHROM program to support the digital needs of GTK (Teachers and Education Personnel) as well as Madrasah students who study from home, where for a while students are doing learn from home.

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The cooperation between Madrasah and Telkomsel was also appreciated by Madrasah Head Muhammad Najib, S.Pd.I said, "That the steps taken are appropriate to support the learning of students who require internet packages to learn from home, especially so that all components in Madrasah also join together and work together for the progress of our Madrasah.”

So the cost of internet package will later relieve parents of students in the implementation of teaching and learning activities through online at Madrasah Aliyah AL AHROM.

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